What We Do

Lives Matter

Today we live a world where the propensity for active shooter violence in once publicly safe nations has intensified. These events cannot be 100% predicted, but they can be thwarted sooner and lives saved. Mass shootings is the business of all because it effects all.

Shooter Response System puts life at the forefront . Protecting our natural born right to live peacefully should be a top priority, and being better prepared to respond appropriately to mass shootings will save lives.

Why Us?

Our mission was formed on the realization that we have the power of choice to live and we become nothing without our children who are our future. Shooter Response System chooses to recognize the problem of mass shootings and confidently answer it with the assertion that we will deliberately create a safer and stronger society to protect against so that our children may go on to lead safe, healthy, happy, and productive lives. Our mission will continue on even when shooters start to think twice about causing havoc and the events die down. Our customers are people first before they are customers. We work hard to bring safety and assurance to our customers so they don’t have to by arming them with the training and tools they can use to faster contain offenders, save lives, and keep the peace for our future.  

Who We Serve