Make money while serving a noble and much needed cause for society.  A great B2B business opportunity w/ Top earners earning $100K+  


Our ambassadors come from all walks of life and understand and can communicate well with people on a professional level. B2B. Whether communicating is face to face, in an online forum, chat, through video conferencing, or over the phone. They are excellent listeners and storytellers that care about solving other peoples needs and wants through practical and deliverable means. Patient, adaptable, and resilient to psychological wear and tear because they understand it's a numbers game. They are not afraid to ask their customers for an approval of sale agreement.

This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals who are inbetween business projects or stay at home mothers who would otherwise lead professional careers if not for a homemaking life. It is also a great in for budding entrepreneurial men and women who want more into the field of professional business development that is not taught in school classrooms but must be learned on the job. These aspiring entrepreneurs know that working for themselves is the only way they will ever be freed from the rigged corporate system of business practice that keeps them dependent on limited benefits.

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This is a B2B opportunity that requires professional communication with business owners who also care about our mission to save lives. You care about the current dilemma with mass shootings and want to make a difference. You can bring back hope and confidence by arming the innocent with as many tools and resources as possible in the campaign against tragic mass shootings. Peace is at stake and you have the influence and reach to help many innocents. If you own a blog, youtube channel, or other website and already have an established following, this is your opportunity to make an earned income while helping in the quest for a safer and happier society. You can contact us to inquire about the work opportunity.