Parent-teacher groups

Inform and recruit help

You can help by letting your organization know about our program to support kids. Read on to find out more details of the program benefits.  

KIDS program bundle

We have designed a bundle we believe to be a sensible start in helping prevent and provide more notification and data to first responders.  We believe and hope PTA’s and PTO’s around the country will get involved and help champion our cause to fund-raise or carve out budget dollars to purchase and donate our systems to their schools

How does it work and what is included in the “Front office” bundle

At its core our system works by deploying audio analytics to detect aggression and gunshots.  We do this by deploying a sophisticated microphone and pattern recognition software along with a wide angle camera that send a snip of video along with audio as part of the automatic alert.  We also include an LED light and Audible Alarm to let the perpetrator know they set off trigger – the hope is this could serve as deterrent.

Included in the Bundle:

Base System – Wall Mounted
UPS Back up Power – Wall Mounted
One Microphone
One Camera wide angle
Deterrence Alarm – LED Light and Audible Alarm
Three Years support and Maintenance

Raising funds

We will gladly assist and have a number of fundraising efforts packaged up to help get your schools system purchased and installed.  You can order a fundraising kit here.

Preparedness training

Our technology is a good start but a conversation with faculty, parents, teachers, law enforcement must be facilitated. Our bundle promotes deterrence and avoidance, but we hope to do much more with your help. We will be arming you  with information for accelerated threat avoidance and survival in cases of real emergency, people and process are critical. There is no better way for threat prevention when safety protocols are placed and executed properly as an enhancement to our system solution. Situation preparedness plays a major key role that will save lives.  Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

Getting started

For information on how to get started on our program, contact us today.  

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