SRS Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise solution leverages a combination of Dell EMC products as a combined System to provide a very robust and redundant foundational infrastructure with multiple tiers of both compute resources CPU/GPU and tiered storage technologies combined with the best of breed technologies in Virtualization, Video Management, Audio Analytics and Access control to deliver a complete system.             

The system is based on building blocks and made redundant through VMWare virtualization and clustering technology.  All SRS Systems also include phone home notification and cloud based monitoring as well as world class TAKEcontrol support specialists.   

Our building block approach is designed for flexibility and to inter-operate with each other giving our clients more control and options when building a campus or enterprise solution.  

Base SRX systems – serve as point solution for Entry points, remote office for larger implementations.     

Mid-level platform are the SRV system is based on the PowerEdge VRTX Chassis for mid sized deployments.  We configure the systems to have greater redundancy and scale to support many more cameras and audio devices.  

(Picture of VRTX chassis here)   

Our Enterprise solution is based on Dell EMC solutions and are designed in a POD architecture to be deployed as building blocks as additional scale or features are needed.      These features include:

Audio Analytics – Standard + customization

Video Management System

Enterprise wide Monitoring Dashboard

Real Time GPU Video Analytics   

Data Tiering and Disaster Recovery

Controlled Access and Deterrent systems

Command Center Systems  

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Advanced Solutions

Mid-level enterprise 

  • 2X Dell N4032 10Gb Networking
  • 2X PowerEdge FX Chassis
  • 4X POWEREDGE FC640 -SRS Custom Config 404
  • PowerEdge R740xd Analytics Server 
  • Dell PowerVault MD3660e SAS SAN  120TB RAW
  • Dell EMC ML3 Tape Tier 192TB RAW 

Large enterprise

  • 2X Dell N4032 10Gb Networking
  • 2X PowerEdge FX Chassis
  • 8X POWEREDGE FC640 -SRS Custom Config 404
  • 2X PowerEdge R740xd Analytics Server 
  • Dell PowerVault MD3660e SAS SAN  480TB RAW
  • Dell EMC ML3/ML3E Tape Tier 432TB RAW