Keep Innocent Days Safe (KIDS)

Our Children deserve the chance to grow up  without having to worry for one moment if they will make to the next day because of violent offenders. Our kids lives are the foundation our organization builds our motto upon ‘Lives matter. Take control’ because they are the future. If your organization touches children in anyway, we encourage you to read on and find out how to take further action to protect the lives of our youth. 

KIDS is a program that goes far beyond our technical solution or widget. We believe our system is a useful tool that is unfortunately necessary in today’s world, and that includes involving the people who interact with our children regularly. Through training, advocacy, and preparedness, you can help protect vulnerable innocents against further traumatic assaults.



  • We make it very easy to get involved
  • Emergency Preparedness training
  • Support community Support forums
  • Fundraising assistance

Higher education

Are you a higher education institution looking for an all-campus security solution? Check out our enterprise solution. 

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Because so many kids depend on your support to bring them more fulfilled, healthier, and happier lives. Our children are our future and you can help make a real tangible difference.

Without faith that we exist for the purpose of our Creator, life as we know it would be meaningless. We were meant to uphold and love each other including our children because it would mean we honored our Creator. Find out how you can help. 

Without your organization to look after the children whose parents are too busy making a living, leading bettered lives would become extremely challenging if not close to impossible for many. Families depend on you so heavily, and ensuring their children’s safety would only strengthen your organizations commitment and relationship to customers and their children.