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Louroe Electronics is the world leader in audio monitoring technology

The Gunshot Detector recognizes firearm discharge in different settings. Within seconds of a gunshot, the software accurately classifies and triggers an immediate notification through VMS or other source. Security staff can then verify alarm and reduce the response time of personnel. This analytic can successfully detect most firearms including handguns, shotguns, rifles and automatic rifles. The Gunshot Detector integrates Louroe Verifact® microphones, select IP cameras and leading video management software (VMS).

 (Insert Gunshot Detection Photos and Louroe management console) 


Because 90% of physical aggression is preceded by verbal aggression, the aggression detector allows for rapid response to escalating situations. This aggression detector is capable of recognizing aggression in a person’s voice. Staff can thus be warned at an early stage, if someone is beginning to show signs of aggression. The system automatically and objectively detects (rising) human aggression, anger or fear, warns staff immediately (by a visual alert or by triggering an alarm) so that physical aggression can be prevented. It makes the problem of aggression measurable (reports). 

About Louroe Electronics

Located in Van Nuys, California, Louroe Electronics® has been the world leader in audio monitoring technology since its inception in 1979. Recognized globally, Louroe Electronics’ products are used in 50 countries and are utilized by both the private sector and government. The company’s Verifact® line of microphones, complementing base stations, and communication accessories, provide line level output to interface with various digital electronics. For over three decades, Louroe Electronics has maintained rigorous standards to ensure their products provide reliability, durability, and excellent performance for their customers’ needs.