Mass shootings since 1970s

Gun violence is a serious problem in the united states today, and a conversation about this problem is needed that isn’t immediately polarized.  Sensible and realistic solutions and dialog need to begin that doesn’t involve the endless bickering among gun control enthusiasts.  Public safety and the protections of our children, first responders, and general bystanders should be the main focus.  

Last year I started a company, Manatoz Corporation, with my partner. As an IT integration company focused on dealing business at the federal level, my organization spent most of its days on government and other integrator publishings learning about things like the application of information technology, HPC computing, and Big Data.  During this intense business planning phase, a rash of mass shootings occurred.  First the Orlando Night Club Massacre then Dallas Police shooting less than a month later.  My business partner was in Dallas for business that day in uptown; I was relieved when he called letting me know he was okay. I knew  then I had to do something change worthy despite that the direction of the company geared towards other areas of industry.     

Around the time I came across this article and the following infographic on the Washington Post.

I started to look at available solutions out there; surprisingly a good number of gun detection systems were already in the market.  Soon after, the Vegas tragedy struck and I realized how close things literally hit home. Prior to, a friend had invited me to Vegas where I had previously stayed at the Delano by the Mandalay and would have again. A call confirmed my friend’s safety and thus talks led to the creation of Shooter Response System. 

Being a witness to our societal dilemma is easy, but actually doing something about it is what enables our freedom to witness. I decided to become part of the conversation and invite you to get involved. Let’s make protection systems available for the many on this journey to a safer society. 

Thank you.

Athena Lee 

CEO and Founder 

Manatoz Corporation (DBA Shooter Response) 

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