PTA / PTOs : What you can do.


Our Mission is simple yet profound. We want to save lives and believe in life.  There is an epidemic of mass shootings and, our kids, the most vulnerable of us, are being targeted.  With a sensible, economical, and widely available solution at the entry level, scalable to meet robust security needs, lives can be saved. 

Problem You are Solving:

Epidemic of mass shootings involving once safe places like schools and the children attendees

Solution You are Offering:

A friendly cost solution that immediately identifies active shooting situations and notifies authorities and first responders


Critical response time to emergencies is diminished or eliminated. The system can deter perps and immediately notifies authorities in case of emergency. 

Solution Details

Our system is designed for many requirements but is currently distributed as an affordable deterrent and aid solution. PTA/PTO’s and parents have an opportunity to get involved and provide our systems in the front offices and other entrances.  

PTA / PTO Bundle

Base System – Wall Mounted

UPS Back up Power – Wall Mounted

One Microphone

One Camera wide angle

Deterrence Alarm – LED Light and Audible Alarm

What now?

Our solution goes for around $5,500 and we have seen PTA’s raise this money in a matter of weeks. To learn how to get on-board 

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