Solution combination

Imagine the possibilities

Our solutions are designed to work together to meet a wide variety of demands and different use cases.  We invite you to reach out to us and we will help you take control and provide a solution that meets your organizations needs and deliver IT prebuilt from our Texas TSS manufacturing facility, installed by certified install professionals and supported by TAKEcontrol support specialists (Technical Ambassadors Knowledge Easy)         

Mid-Level Shot Detection Gun deterrence systems

Medium sized organization with single location wanting to provide a firm deterrence of having weapons on property with a combination of signage, detector systems both walk-thru and bag scanners as well as VMS and Audio Analytics. Providing solution for real-time detection of threats and incident management tide together with people, process and technology as part of companies values and commitment to providing a safe workplace.          


Large enterprise retail

Large Enterprise core solution with three Enterprise #1 building blocks at the core with VRTX Mid level systems at 5 remote sites and 100’s-1000’s of base solutions deployed at retail locations.  This solution provides distributed Audio Analytics and Video Management with many system add on’s to help keep your workforce safe and productive.     

Single school campus with three secured entry points

A Multi-Base solution independent of any campus wide VMS solution could add value as well as offer redundancy and newer features and raise the level of student safety confidence.  Each building entry point secured with right level of access control with independent Base systems with Shot detection and gun deterrence technologies